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Eyebrows &
Lash Treatments

Pluck over eyebrows

Plucking is a natural and chemical-free way to shape your brows. If you have sensitive or delicate skin but still want stunning, perfectly shaped eyebrows, book an appointment with our beauty experts.  Click any image for pricing details.

Applying false lashes in a salon

About eyelash extensions

Want a mega look? No problem with eyelash extensions! With the 1:1 technique, one artificial eyelash is glued to each natural eyelash. This creates additional volume. This technique is particularly suitable for those who already have thick natural eyelashes.  Click any image for pricing details.

Good to know
So that you can enjoy your eyelash extensions for a long time, it is advisable not to intensively clean the eye area within the first
24 hours. Water on the face that is too hot, saunas or steam baths should ideally be avoided within the first 48 hours .

Eyelash lengthening is strongly discouraged, especially during cancer treatment, conjunctivitis, allergies, various skin diseases and also in the case of extremely thin, brittle or weak natural eyelashes.

Long Lashes
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